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Kinetis Expert

System Configuration Tool

Kinetis Expert provides a set of system configuration tools that help users of all levels with a Kinetis-based MCU solution. It is an expert on all things Kinetis - let it be your guide from first evaluation to production development.

Choose a configuration for a specific evaluation board or a specific MCU, then let Kinetis Expert help you build a custom version of the Kinetis SDK and locate other software and tools.

Graphical tool to configure the muxing, electrical properties and routing of pins. Provide real-time feedback of I/O conflicts and code generation of Kinetis SDKv2 compatible pin muxing source and header files.

Estimate and optimize your system's power consumption quickly with this simple graphical interface.

What's new

Sensor SDK (ISSDK)

Debut release of NXP sensor support middleware for Kinetis

This is a middleware component built on top of Kinetis SDKv2 providing sensor drivers for the 10 most popular NXP sensors and 7 Freedom Board/Sensor Shield Kits. Middleware includes support for Sensor Fusion and Pedometer algorithms out of the box.